The decade of ladies and hippies

Fashion lovers – every time – sob when talking about 60s fashion: elegant, classic and independent.

Two significant fashion schools of this period that are still mentioned are the formal image of short collarless jackets, square shoulders with fabric-covered buttons like the Chanel suit design (born in 1959);

A-line dresses show off the liberal yet noble beauty of ladies in the 60s.

That was also the decade of a series of fashion keywords such as mini dresses, bikinis, PVC dresses, pillbox flat hats, large silk headbands or geometric patterns.

The return of 60s fashion style

Yves Saint Laurent’s famous Mondrian dress

Fashion during this period was also directly influenced by painting.

Not only because the 60s produced fashion monuments, dresses or fashion inventions that will go down in history, but most of all, after 50 years, people realize that those designs and details are not old at all.

The return of 60s fashion style

Paco Rabanne’s metallic dress

Nostalgia 60

The 2014 catwalk welcomes the return of the spirit and style from the 60s. Without rebuilding, the designers put into the 2014 collections the soul and sublimation of the 60s on modern designs.

If in 1966, Paco Rabanne introduced the Disco metallic dress to demonstrate the pinnacle of PVC and metal embellishment techniques in fashion, the Fall – Winter 2014 collection of Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent combined metallic and encrusted

The return of 60s fashion style

Yves Saint Laurent

The return of 60s fashion style

Yves Saint Laurent

Nearly 50 years ago, Paco Rabanne used metallic to reflect an urban, futuristic vibe, but this year, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci used metallic to express a tribal vibe, a mix of Japanese and African inspiration.

The return of 60s fashion style

Dries Van Noten


Tom Ford

Louis Vuitton

After Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress, Pierre Hardy introduced a glossy leather clutch with Mondrian-inspired black trim.

1960 – an inspiring milestone in fashion, returning to the catwalk in 2014 is even more inspiring.

Pierre Hardy

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