(Dan Tri) – `Kill one person every week` or `Kill on the first meeting` are two of the murderer’s statements related to the discovery of 9 dismembered bodies inside a cemetery.

Photo of suspect Takahiro Shiraishi in a Japanese newspaper (Photo: News.com.au)

Japanese police on October 31 arrested Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, on charges of murder after discovering 9 corpses and human body parts inside his apartment in Zama city, Kanagawa province.

Nikkan Sports newspaper published an article with the title `The Killing Room`, while Sports Nippon newspaper published the article `Kill one person a week` to report on the murder case in Zama.

Japanese police said Shiraishi had confessed to killing a total of 9 people, including 8 women and 1 man, since he started moving into the apartment he rented on the outskirts of Tokyo from January 22.

Shiraishi said he killed the victims the first time he met them.

“I don’t know their real names or their real ages,” Shiraishi said.

The shocking testimony of a serial killer in Japan

Crowd gathered outside Shiraishi’s apartment in Zama (Photo: Kyodo)

Not only killing people, Shiraishi also cut off the heads and limbs of the victims before placing them in coolers and storage boxes inside his house in Zama.

Police said they discovered many cuts on the bodies and some parts were found to be just bones.

“I couldn’t throw away those bodies for fear of being caught… It’s true that I tried to hide the body of the person I killed.

The journey to detect the suspect

The shocking testimony of a serial killer in Japan

Shiraishi covered his face with his hands as he was escorted from the police station to the prosecutor’s office in Tokyo on November 1 (Photo: AFP)

Currently, Japanese police have established a special unit to identify the victims’ bodies by DNA testing and a number of other methods.

Police became suspicious and opened an investigation into Shiraishi after monitoring security cameras and discovering that he was with a woman – who was reported missing from a house in Hachioji, a western suburb of Tokyo since

On Twitter on September 20, this woman shared that she was looking for someone to die with.

Shiraishi works as a recruiter for a sex-related business in the famous Kabukicho entertainment district in Tokyo.

Shiraishi’s neighbors said they were shocked and did not believe that this was the murderer who killed 9 people.


According to Kyodo, AFP