This way of folding a sweater is very popular and helps keep the sweater from stretching.

There really isn’t a single correct answer to whether you should hang or fold a sweater.

Shirts/ Blouses

Tips for arranging clothes smartly and conveniently

Hangers with horizontal sections padded with foam or velvet are more suitable for shirts or blouses.

Leaving shirts in the closet can lead to unwanted wrinkles on the shirt, not to mention having to sit and fold other shirts that get fluffed up when you get them.

Halter shirt, tank top

If your wardrobe is small, you just need to hang halter tops, tank tops and bras on top of each other on hangers because these tops are basically thin and don’t take up much space in the wardrobe.


Denim clothes are relatively easier to maintain than other types of clothes, as long as you know how to preserve and organize denim clothes such as reading the instructions for use, don’t wash too much with strong detergents… For example, denim pants that have been washed

Dry cleaning clothes

Tips for arranging clothes smartly and conveniently

Metal hangers are suitable for thin fabric clothes or silk scarves.

There are many delicate fabrics that should only be dry cleaned to keep the shape of the fabric fresh and prevent it from wrinkling.


Tips for arranging clothes smartly and conveniently

Shoe racks are also an ideal way to save space and keep shoes neat without scratching or losing their shape.

When it comes to shoes, storing them requires the most space and tidiness.

2-tier clothes rack

Tips for arranging clothes smartly and conveniently

A style of wardrobe that increases hanging space by attaching two parallel shelves.

To create more space in your closet for clothes that cannot be hung, such as sweaters, you should hang t-shirts or shirts on hangers if possible.