Twiggy – Eyes


In the 60s, Twiggy became a Hollywood beauty icon with short tomboyish hair and attractive big round eyes.


Using white eyeliner, line the upper and lower eyelids, starting from the tip of the eye and going out.

Attach false eyelashes to the end of the upper eyelashes.

Apply 2 coats of mascara to both upper and lower lashes.

Jackie O – Hair

To be as beautiful as 6 Hollywood beauty icons

Jackie O

At-home hair care tips are the key to Jackie O’s beautiful, bouncy hair. She often wraps her hair in a silk scarf when she goes to bed to protect her hair from rubbing against the bed sheet.


Use products that do not contain sulfates.

Choose shampoo and conditioner with high moisturizing ingredients such as avocado, olive oil, vitamins A, D, E, F to moisturize and smooth your hair.

Limit the use of dryers and heat styling tools to avoid causing dryness and hair loss.

Audrey Hepburn – Skin

To be as beautiful as 6 Hollywood beauty icons

Audrey Hepburn

Movie star and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn possesses perfectly beautiful skin even without makeup.


Fill the sink with hot water.

Use a towel to cover your head and the water bath so that the steam does not escape.

Use exfoliating cream and massage in circular motions for 45 seconds to remove all dirt and dead skin.

Wash your face with cold water to tighten pores.

Bianca Jagger – Lips

To be as beautiful as 6 Hollywood beauty icons

Bianca Jagger

Former model Bianca’s seductive beauty radiates from her naturally plump lips, and that is also what made her attract the famous Rolling Stones leader Mick Jagger.


Mix honey and sugar in a bowl to create a natural exfoliating mixture

Use your fingers to stretch your lips, and use your other hand to gently massage your lips with the mixture, moving in a circular motion for about 15 seconds for each lip.

Apply lip balm to moisturize.

Elizabeth Taylor – Eyebrows

To be as beautiful as 6 Hollywood beauty icons

Elizabeth Taylor

The role of Queen Cleopatra cemented Elizabeth Taylor’s name as one of the best beauties in Hollywood in the 60s.


Find an expert to advise you on the right eyebrow shape for your face, then you can easily take care of your eyebrows according to your existing shape at home.

Use an eyebrow comb to brush your eyebrows evenly in one direction.

Use a brush and eyebrow powder to fill in the empty areas and then spread the powder evenly.

Grace Kelly – Hands

To be as beautiful as 6 Hollywood beauty icons

Grace Kelly

Princess Monaco shared that: “A woman’s age is most clearly shown on her hands,” so Grace Kelly always carries hand cream with her to apply at any time to keep her hands moisturized and soft.


Exfoliate your hands at least once a week, then wash away dirt so that moisturizers can penetrate better.

Choose a cream product rich in moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, almond oil, and mango seed butter to keep your hands moist and smooth.

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