Tommy Hilfiger is a child in a family of 9, his father is a goldsmith in a small town in New York state.

Tommy Hilfiger at People’s Place fashion store

At 18 years old, Hilfiger decided to follow the industry with a more serious attitude.

His business group continued to open stores around the university dormitory, selling clothes on trips back and forth from New York City.

Until now, when Tommy talks about his time of crisis, he says `that failure was a great lesson, a master’s degree that no university could give me.`

In 1985, he decided to open his own fashion brand.

In 1988, Tommy Hilfiger had sales of $25 million, which increased to $500 million in the mid-90s. Currently, the brand is estimated to be worth $6 billion with 1,200 stores worldwide and continues to grow larger.

Tommy Hilfiger's story of bankruptcy at the age of 25

One of Tommy Hilfiger’s headquarters in the US

“The artistic, creative side of me from when I was young is still present.