Known and loved mainly as an MC on television shows, few people know that Tran Thanh studied the acting department at the School of Theater and Cinema and has achieved a lot of success with roles in television shows.

Coconut bridge

MC Tran Thanh in the play Coconut Bridge with comedian Anh Duc

MC Tran Thanh and comedian Anh Duc play two old friends who meet again after going abroad to visit their children.

Besides the suffering of parents when not receiving attention and care from their children, MC Tran Thanh also brought peace to the audience’s hearts when reading a letter sent to his father by a faraway son.

Tran Thanh’s adventure diary

Tran Thanh and his great comedies in his career

Tran Thanh’s comedy DVD adventure

In early 2012, MC Tran Thanh released a comedy DVD called Tran Thanh’s adventure including 2 parts with 2 separate themes.

Part 2 of the DVD includes comedy skits with the name The Talented Guy (The Talented Guy Solves Crimes, The Talented Strategist, The Talented Guy Helps You, The Talented Guy Eats Toads and The Talented Guy Who Plays Games).

MC Tran Thanh shared that the DVD also has the presence of his close co-stars such as artists Phi Phung, Phuong Dung, and Thu Trang, so in many dialogue episodes, everyone was so engrossed in talking and getting into their minds that they just kept talking.

Rebel group of fans

Tran Thanh and his great comedies in his career

MC Tran Thanh discusses football in the play Rebel Supporters Group

The group of rebellious fans is a play that reflects the evils of matchmaking and betting in the sport of football.

In addition to conveying messages about society’s pain points, MC Tran Thanh also continuously offers solutions to these problems such as: without bettors, players will not sell bets and associate with