Of the two of you, who is stronger?

Trish: If we talk about reason, Trish is stronger.

Goi: Trish is definitely the stronger one!

What about your partner is most attractive to you?

Trish: Progress and how to treat people.

What is the biggest problem you two have ever encountered?

Trish: Up to this point, we haven’t had any major problems.

What does Trish think about the meaning of love?

Trish: Everyone will have their own definition of love.

For you, how powerful is love?

Trish: I always think love has the ability to change people the most.

Gui: To talk specifically about this feeling, Gui feels very lucky because having Trish, no matter which city I live in, I feel like it’s home.

Trisha Do and Gui: Every day of love is a happy day

What do you think would be the necessary bond for a couple?

Trish: I always think that a wedding at a time when both people have overcome many difficulties together, understand each other well enough and are ready to have each other in their lives will be more meaningful, the marriage will be stronger and more durable.

Gui: Gui believes that the only bond is the love and sympathy he has for his companion.

Trisha Do and Gui: Every day of love is a happy day

What do you two usually do on Valentine’s Day?

Trish: Honestly, we love each other quite realistically and don’t care about gifts.

Goi: This Valentine’s Day, I guess we’ll probably still go to work as usual.