Previously, Tam shared that although he loves art, education is still a top priority.

The fact that you became a part of Blue Eyes was fate when everything happened at the right time.

After `Dreamy Eyes`, Thao Tam became famous as an actress.

Even though I’m still shy about the title `celebrity` because I haven’t yet pursued a professional artistic path, I also realize that I have become an influential person.

Does that positive energy come from within yourself or is it the result of a process formed by the surrounding environment?

Actually, those who have followed Thao Tam for a long time will know that she is a quite sensitive person, also having low notes and difficult times.

With that sensitivity and having gone through a difficult period, maybe I can easily sympathize with people?

Because I am quite sensitive, I can easily put myself into many people’s situations and stories with an open heart to listen and feel.

A person with high empathy will also easily receive and carry away negative emotions from the outside. Will that affect Thao Tam’s emotions?

That is also the reason why in the future I will limit responding directly to everyone’s thoughts.

And when Thao Tam herself encounters difficulties, who will she go to for listening and sympathy?

I think being grateful and listening to yourself is the most important thing, because no one understands you best and can lift you up better than yourself.

Under the rule of Neptune, Pisces is the most dreamy of the 12 zodiac signs.

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Returning to the artistic path, through your first film, how did you define your artistic personality?

It can be said that it is curiosity.

What do you see as your strengths and what needs to be improved on this path?

It can be said that my strengths are also my curiosity and sensitivity to art.

Will fans see you return with a film project in the near future?

Studying is still my top priority.

Under the rule of Neptune, Pisces is the most dreamy of the 12 zodiac signs.

If you stay away from cinema for too long, are you afraid that Thao Tam’s image will gradually fade in the hearts of the audience?

I feel like I don’t need to be in a hurry. As I said, I need time to be curious and contemplate myself on my artistic path.

On the artistic path, what things will you not be able to compromise on?

Showbiz offers many opportunities to develop talent but is also a world full of hidden corners and temptations.

If you weren’t an actor, how do you think you would become Nguyen Lam Thao Tam?

I have a very big and serious love for art.