Do this facial massage as a step in your daily skin care routine to get rosy, smooth and youthful skin.

Beauty expert Abigail James shows how to massage your face & eyes

Abigail James is a famous expert in the field of beauty and skin care.

Massaging the facial and eye muscles helps the eyes reduce stress, fatigue and lethargy after a long day of exposure to electronic devices, dust and pollution… In addition, beauty experts also emphasize the direct connection.

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

Radiant light originates from the eyes

Below are videos showing how to massage your face to get the desired effect: maintain youthful, firm skin and radiant eyes.

1. How to massage your face – Lift muscles, help firm skin and prevent aging


Gentle hand movements and massage on the face will not damage the skin, but will only help blood circulate better and skin care essences be absorbed more effectively.

2. How to massage the eyes – Remove dark circles and puffiness


Gently massage the lower eye area so that the eye essence/nutrients dissolve and blood circulates easily, dark circles and puffiness will be overcome.

3. How to massage the face – Reduce wrinkles around the mouth/laugh lines


Not only the corners of the eyes but also the smile line is one of the concerns of women.

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