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Meghan Markle’s fashion `leveled up` after announcing her engagement to Prince Harry

The beautiful image of former Victoria’s secret angel Miranda Kerr at the party after the recent Golden Globe Awards once again proves the classy maternity fashion style of superstars.

Join ELLE Vietnam to review the list of well-dressed pregnant women in the fashion world.

Chiara Ferragni – active pregnant woman

Famous fashion bogger Chiara Ferragni proves that the image of pregnant women looking frumpy in baggy dresses is a thing of the past.

What is special about the world fashionista's maternity fashion?

Chiara chose a jumpsuit for the first months of pregnancy.

What is special about the world fashionista's maternity fashion?

The loose skirt seems to have never changed the waistline.

What is special about the world fashionista's maternity fashion?

The owner of an Instagram account with more than 12 million followers also chose a sporty style during pregnancy with a pullover sweater and striped sports pants.

Eva Chen – impressive pregnant woman

Different from the impressive style of his friend Susie Lau, Evan Chen pursues simplicity but with emphasis.

What is special about the world fashionista's maternity fashion?

Designed with thin and light material, comfortable enough for large waists like Eva’s dress, pregnant women look slimmer and more elegant.

What is special about the world fashionista's maternity fashion?

There are not too many changes in Eva Chen’s style, still the modern and liberal fashion personality shown throughout her pregnancy.

Coco Rocha – modern pregnant woman

The Canadian supermodel is undoubtedly the most stylish mother in the world with her unique fashion style.

Sunglasses, high heels, or other stylish accessories don’t have to be frowned upon just because you’re pregnant.

Oversized shirts or dresses made of soft and comfortable materials such as chiffon or wool are always the top choice of the `queen of styling`.

Different from her everyday images, the long-legged superstar becomes extremely gorgeous with luxurious designs from famous high-end brands.

Chrissy Teigen – charming pregnant woman

Wife of famous singer John Legend, supermodel Chrissy Taigen not only makes everyone jealous because of her romantic love story but also her secret to wearing super standard maternity clothes.

Continuing to show that she is a loyal fan of long coats, she often wears them over tight dresses made of comfortable materials.

Her pregnant belly doesn’t stop her from wearing stylish street style outfits and obviously can’t ignore the pair of ripped jeans and elastic or a white shirt.

Long legs like to wear long dresses with unique cut out designs to show off their `goddess` beauty every time they go on the red carpet with her husband.

Alexis Kaiser – personality pregnant woman

If anyone says pregnant women always look meek and classic, they probably don’t know Alexis Kaiser, owner of the instagram account with more than hundreds of thousands of followers @alexisjadekaiser thanks to her extremely unique maternity fashion style.

There is no denying that long boho dresses are a must-have item for pregnant women if they want to become gentle and elegant like a Roman goddess.

Learn from her to create a variety of styles, when t-shirts and leggings are dynamic, when jean skirts and bell sleeves are fashionable… And don’t forget, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, oversized handbags and jewelry are still available.

Angela Fink – stylish pregnant woman

Before becoming one of the most stylish mothers on Instagram, Angela Fink was the most stylish pregnant mother.

Whether wearing a skirt or jeans, shirt or t-shirt… she always knows how to balance the fashion and comfort of each type of outfit.

The combination of sophisticated and trendy outfits is what other pregnant women must learn from Angela to become more stylish.