What do they say when they see men entering the kitchen?

I am a man who is often in the kitchen.

My girlfriends, seeing me like that, keep saying that I am a modern man with Western influences (even though I have never been to the West), knowing that sharing housework with women does not make up for today’s men.

Honestly, I just like good food, not for the above cliché reasons.

And my friends saw that and said, `Don’t you have anything else to do?`.

Every time my father sees me struggling in the kitchen, he often gives me shy, somewhat sympathetic eyes.

How to get into the kitchen?

Going back to the eternal problem that urban girls nowadays often complain about: Men only know how to eat, drink, play iPads, watch TV but never get into the kitchen to help their wives/girlfriends cook.

The mistake many women make is to focus on their work and do all the steps themselves.

Along with my intelligence, physical strength, and inherent laziness, those jobs will make men think that cooking is a silly thing, too simple for me to pay attention to.

Meanwhile, if you give them a more important task such as marinating and seasoning, it will affect the deliciousness or badness of a dish.

Never expect men to voluntarily go into the kitchen to cook every day when they consider it a job to help women.

I meet many men who are very imposing on the outside, preaching sublime knowledge, but come home as bad as a spoiled child.

After all, the essence of cooking is still about enjoying delicious food.

I have drawn a conclusion: If you want men to work hard in the kitchen, women should elevate family cooking to an important and attractive job equivalent to playing the iPad and watching TV!