However, do you know what the greatest works about love have in common?

Most of us desire to have an ideal love, a worthy love so that if necessary, we can risk our lives, can do the craziest things, can give up everything for it.

However, scientifically, everything needs to be in moderation. When someone is too idealistic to the point of being obsessed with love, doctors will think that he/she has a mental problem.

Because a person has so many attachments, so-called ideal love, love at first sight, and so-called unconditional love do not exist in large numbers, no matter what era.

Who needs ideal love?

Because a person has many attachments, the so-called ideal love does not exist that much, no matter what era.

Who needs ideal love?

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Love on social networks: Stories of many people

However, no matter how many social constraints there are, there is still a criterion of love, a factor that can defeat many other factors.

The ideal couple that we still see are the lucky couples who find in each other what they want to find and accept their shortcomings.

Who needs ideal love?

How we perceive and live each moment is far more important than our desire for an ideal love.

That is the happiest and saddest thing about humans: We change.

So, in the end, most of us cannot have an ideal love or an ideal lover.

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