A writer like me who needs solitude to be creative, one day has to show up to perform, suddenly becoming a person of the crowd.

The question immediately reminded me of someone’s statement, I no longer remember the name, but found it relevant to me: `What’s so sick about sex?`

Thanks to love, many women with poor beauty suddenly become more sparkling, lively and sexy.

“I feel sorry for the plate of pickled persimmons for the mice to play with.

There’s an extra tray of cakes for clamming like this

Your mouth is wise and foolish, don’t complain about your fate

Don’t blame God if you have a bloated stomach or back.`

@ Guy?

Once single, my friends assigned me the title `Miss Wild Boy` and according to them, I excellently monopolized that position for several years, not bothering to give it up to someone else.

Perhaps I have to open a parenthesis here (with my husband’s permission) to thank the flower petals scattered all over my doorstep, but only decades later did I realize that it was the work of not one but several guys, thank you to those who

My friend, Thao Phuong, a deceased female poet, was also passionate about love. Only in her lifetime did she have a collection of poems titled: The Woman Born of the Man.

“We are women,

Each person has their own pain.

For men born of women,

We laugh together and cry alone.”

So who gave birth to whom?

The correct answer is probably that we gave birth to each other.

Then why don’t you love?

And why not choose a guy?

@ One time, it was so difficult to delete an ex-lover that, like many other women, I had to ask for a lot of advice.

because He has already become One with you.

Then why don’t you love?

And why not choose a guy?

@ So, whether love is real or virtual, fake or real… whether you will gain or lose a lover, in my opinion, life is only worth living when you still love and have feelings for love.

There was a time when I thought I was drifting into that tragedy.

Do you know at that time how I could save myself, save the religion of Love, save my spiritual children who needed to be born?

I created a Virtual Guy.

Why not?

Do you know that some of my compositions were born (and successful!) thanks to this Virtual Guy?

I believe the necessity of men in women’s lives is as important as the necessity of women in men’s lives.

Let me repeat this refrain for the third time:

Then why don’t you love?

And why not choose a guy (even if virtual) to love?

Article: Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc

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