What’s up?

Even though I consider myself to be quite adaptable to different living environments, I don’t see any reason why I have to leave Saigon to find another place to live and start a career.

Is that why Saigon turned a rock guitarist Suong Mu from Da Lat into a musician with passionate R’n’B songs?

(Laughs) Most of my songs that people know were written when I was in Da Lat.

I still wonder how a person who started listening and playing rock music then turned to writing and became famous with light music…

It can be said that these are like stages of an artistic journey of which I have only gone the first part.

I got into rock when I was in high school.

Just listen to the songs I’ve written and you’ll probably recognize them, like Little Houses on the Prairie, which I wrote in 10th grade. I like the gentler, more emotional sound.

The land of Da Lat gave birth to many artists with special marks in music.

Perhaps natural conditions are the first factor.

But Da Lat people are like that.

And if they want to become famous, Da Lat people have to go to Saigon?

That’s right.

I met so many good people when I was alone in Saigon.

Saigon is a market developing at a fast pace.


And what path do you think is for you?

Becoming a musician develops both the roles of arranging and composing.

When I first came to Saigon, I didn’t know how to arrange music, I was just a musician playing the guitar.

The first few times I submitted, I wasn’t selected because the demo was too sketchy.

Is that also the process in which you and singer Ngoc Anh `fell in love` with each other to prepare to launch your product in June this year?

I also always think it is an interesting fate in my career and it is also associated with Vietnamese Songs.

From then on, Ms. Ngoc Anh completely trusted me and gave me full responsibility for making her new album from producing, mixing, and composing 7 out of 8 songs on the album.

Will the audience get to experience a new Ngoc Anh in the album made by Pham Hai Au?

I can’t say for sure, but it will definitely be a younger Ngoc Anh.

I have to say I’m lucky again.

However, this album is still a pre-order product.

It will be an acoustic album with gentle, inspirational songs recorded in audiophile quality.

Thank you and wish you more success!